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Treating Trauma Through the Autonomic Nervous System

Relieve the body of latent traumas through this new approach to the nervous system.

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A Brand New Approach to Trauma in the Body

The Musculoskeletal Specialists Neural Reset

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Specialists is very happy to announce that we now have an effective treatment for latent trauma that is stored in the body via the brain and nervous system.  The current leading view in psychology is that trauma can be stored within the body from a physical accident, an emotional event, or even from an unknown source.   Our theory on how this trauma “storage” occurs is through communication of electrical fight or flight signals between the body and brain.  These signals enter the brain to be processed for a level of danger and a command from the brain is sent back to that body part.  If the brain thinks that the body is in danger, the muscles are told to tighten and guard the area; this process has nothing to do with the conscious mind.   We have developed a simple, hands-on method to interrupt the brain’s danger looping phase, which resets the entire electrical pathway from brain to nerve within the body.  Once we interrupt the looping danger signal, the muscles relax, and the body comes out of fight or flight. 

During this treatment we check the entire body for trauma. We cover every organ, bone, and nerve.  We put tensions inside the skull and down the spine, and cover every scar, injury, surgery, triggering thought, or memory.  We allow the patients to think of events and people that may cause muscle guarding and we release everything that is found to be triggering a trauma response in one complete 90-minute treatment.  These memories are not shared with the practitioners, and there is no discussion about events.  We are solely working with the body’s physical response to a thought or physical pressure on a body part.  The feedback we have received after this treatment includes:

  • Improved digestion and complete alleviation of constipation.

  • Less likely to anger quickly, more patience. 

  • Feeling calmer on the inside.

  • Able to breathe again.

  • Grief feels less physically painful, it is transformed into just missing a person.

  • Looser muscles, able to stretch muscles again.

  • Less headaches.

  • No more need for Botox on facial muscles to alleviate head pain.

  • Feeling grounded and “whole”.

  • “Thinking of a ‘certain’ person doesn’t give me a migraine anymore”.

  • Birthing a baby was easier due to healing of deep fear from a previous bad birthing experience. 

  • Fear of driving after an auto accident is improved.

  • Comfortably able to be in a room and not be bothered by people standing behind me.


The MSK neural reset treatment process:

The creation of our neural reset was 10 years in the making as we searched for an answer to the “polyvagal trauma” issue.  As we pieced together the puzzle behind the physics of the human body, we were able to uncover an effective treatment for trauma in the body.  In our past MSK treatments, we have seen many pain patterns that are clearly rooted in trauma, but coaching breathing and calming the body was not a satisfying long-term fix.  We finally have an effective way to get to the root of the problem-the brain.  One key to cracking the code was our discovery of a simple fact: muscles are tight when there is an irritation on nerves and nerves are irritated from trauma memory.  Even thoughts and memories can cause muscle to tighten, whether conscious or not.  When a negative input hits the brain, the brain tells muscles to tighten and the body goes into a level of fight or flight.  In many of the cases we have unraveled, our patients were in low grade fight or flight all day long from trauma inputs, and this was the source of their body pain.  Now we have the knowledge to objectively test for trauma spots, feel how the body responds, interrupt to brain’s looping on the trauma, and then retest to make sure the physical trauma input is gone.  The patient can feel this happening and actively participates in the release process.  Again, to reiterate, there is no discussion on events in this treatment, the body tells us what needs to be released through the testing process. 

So how do we interrupt the brain’s trauma loops?

During activity, the brain creates an entire amp of electricity.  That’s a lot of electricity moving when the brain is working.  Whenever an electron moves it creates a magnetic field.  This makes feeling the location of brain activity with the bare hand very easy to feel.  So, instead of using complex electrical equipment to read the active areas of the brain like an MRI machine, we simply use our hands to find the electrical hot spot.  We have yet to find a person that couldn’t be trained to feel this. Once we have located where the brain is looping on a trauma input from the body, one practitioner works at the level of the head by adding specific pressure on the cranium and coupled with tensions on the vagus nerve in the neck, while the second practitioner stimulates the active trauma point in the body.  Working together on the nerves we create interference in the electrical impulses to get the brain to stop the trauma loop.  At this point the location of the electric hot spot in the brain, literally relocates, the trauma loop stops, and the neural pathway relaxes throughout the body.  The trauma trigger point is released.  It is our experience that this particular trauma loop does not return.

This detailed full body treatment takes two trained practitioners 90 minutes to complete. 


For more information on trauma in the body see:

Waking the Tiger by Peter Lavine

The Polyvagal Theory by Stephen W. Porges

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel A. van der Kolk 

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