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Apprenticeship in Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise at Musculoskeletal Specialists

We will offer a 2 year one-on-one training and apprenticeship in advanced manual therapy and exercise to the right person.   MSK Specialists is a licensed massage school in the state of New Mexico.  Applicants do not need to have any current licensures to apply.  High school diploma or GED is required to obtain the massage license.  However licensed individuals may apply.  We will teach advanced hands on manual therapy, not classic massage.  Our "What We Do" video will explain more on the modalities we will cover. 

Applicant requirements: 
Please consider this request seriously before applying.  We want to ensure that you are the right fit to study and perform manual medicine as a lifelong pursuit.  Manual therapy, done correctly, is a highly complex and highly effective method of healing the body.  It is subtle work that takes many committed years of study and practice to become proficient, and it takes a lifetime to master.   There is no easy way to become great at any art and science.  The path to proficiency is hard work, study, practice, repeat.  We are only looking for internally driven world-changers and will train no less. 

To be considered, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be able to listen to patients with an empathetic ear.

  • Be willing to read the hard books that others will not.

  • Be physically able to perform the work and be able to do the therapeutic exercises yourself.  You must walk the talk and be an example of your best health. You must have a solid selfcare practice before you can teach selfcare to others. 

  • You must have the emotional fortitude to hold space for others, especially if performing the Vagus Treatment, which is required for this position.  

  • You must understand that true healthcare is not about you, but rather, it is a humble path of service to humanity. 

  • You must be inspired to learn the deep intricacies of the human body and complex theories and then interpret that knowledge to patients and their families in a way that is easy to understand.  

  • You must be a pleasant person that gets along well with others and can motivate coworkers and patients to bring forth their best selves through your example alone. 

  • As an apprentice you must be willing to spend 12 uncompensated hours a week in clinic and 15 hours a week -minimum- of independent study of assigned material, which includes video lectures, reading, and hands on assignments. 

If you think you may be a fit for the two-year one-on-one apprenticeship, please submit a well written, concise, 1000-word maximum essay on why you meet each of the above requirements and should be considered for this position.   Please pay attention to detail and include your goals in healthcare after the apprenticeship.  Incomplete applications will be automatically denied without a response.  Email the essay to  In the subject line write: “Attention Steven, Application for Apprenticeship.”  Save your essay as a PDF and attach it to the email. 

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