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Our Practitioners

Our practitioners are trained locally at MSK Specialists in the manual therapy done at MSK.  Most 

attended our manual therapy and exercise school, interned at MSK, and received their Massage Therapy 

license through MSK. Our training program is an intensive 1.5 years of the study of advanced manual 

therapy and exercise. In clinical practice new manual therapists are mentored throughout their practice 

and are offered continual education and evolution to better understand the deeper complexities of 

manual therapy, biomechanics, and exercise.  Due to the complexity of manual therapy, our therapists 

must be tested to specialize in any of our seven systems and can further test out on specific body parts.  

Every therapist knows how to treat all areas of the body, a “MSK Specialty” means the therapist passed a rigorous MSK test on that area or system and has shown continual proficiency with patients.  For exercise we mentor our practitioners to complete their exercise certification in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability 

through the Rehabilitation School Prague.  This certification is intellectually demanding and includes a 

written and practical exam from a Prague instructor.   


Meet the Practitioners

We introduce you to our practitioners and what drives them to commit to the work of healing.

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