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Advanced Body Work


160 Hours

About the Course

80 hours is lecture and 80 hours is hands on.
Advanced Body Work prepared the student to assess and treat the source of pain in the body. This course includes basic physiology of the connective tissue and fascial system, muscles, the musculoskeletal nervous system and and the brain, causes of musculoskeletal dysfunction, trigger/tender points, Chapman reflex points, inflammation and pain, and introductions to modern neuromuscular techniques. Hands-on modalities are practiced that relate to each of the above subjects. After the general information is complete, Advanced Body Work will cover specific body regions and treatment of those regions. These regions include the cervical region, the cranium, shoulder, arm and hand, the thorax, lumbar spine, the pelvis, the hip, the knee, the leg and the foot. Each region will be discussed in detail and techniques for treating these regions will be applied in class. Techniques learned in this class includes muscle energy techniques, passive and active stretching, advanced soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, positional release, and joint centration for postural correction. We will look and linking the muscular system together through fascial anatomy and Chinese senew channels and learn myofascial techniques to work the muscles as systems.

Your Instructor

Camilla Jones

Camilla Jones

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