"Lisa was totally awesome"

- Los Alamos

"My journey with Taylor has been amazing. She has truly mastered her craft. While not only giving pain relief, she has given me a new way to look at how my body works and how I can be proactive in keeping it healthy. Thank you Taylor! You have changed my life."

- K.H., Los Alamos

"Very impressed with Steve and Adam. I feel great right now."

- Los Alamos

"Erin is amazing. She works hard to help me improve my range of motion. She makes sure I am knowledgeable about the exercises that I need to do at home."

- Los Alamos

"Thank you very much Inez, for a good experience and informative conversation. Looking forward to seeing you again."

- J.H., Los Alamos

"Erin is professional, knowledgeable, and effective, and I always feel tons better after a treatment."

- C.J., Los Alamos

"After years of chronic knee pain and being told that I am in need of a knee replacement, I found Dr. Taylor. After just a few treatments, I could play basketball and now I am pain free.  She is the only person I will let touch my knees from now on!"

- S.R., Santa Fe

"Steve is excellent in the work he does. In just a few sessions I can feel the difference in my body coming into healthier alignment."

- D.M., ABQ

"The most effective therapist I've ever encountered. Extremely professional and passionate about his work/clients."

- M.B., ABQ

"Amazing . . . I actually have hope again . . ."

- S.S., Los Alamos

"Steve educated me on the issues my back and jaw have been having for a long time.  He wants to fix the source of the problem--very appreciated."

-L.H., ABQ

"Excellent Session - Body feels so FREE and OPEN. Thank you . . ."

- J.H., Los Alamos

"Took pain out of my shoulders!!! Amazing!!!"

- J.B., Los Alamos

"I have been receiving therapy from the practitioners of MSK Medicine of NM since September 1st, 2016. When I reported for my first visit I could hardly move or walk, I was suffering from severe back pain, which also affected my sciatic nerve from hip to toes, severe headaches, and my equilibrium was very bad. With the therapy I have received from them, I feel like I have improved significantly, my quality of life is a lot better."

-L.P., Los Alamos

"Steve has helped me work through shoulder surgery rehab. He has been a life saver."

- R.J., ABQ

"Back feeling lots better!"

- D.S., Los Alamos

"Huge 'Healing Leap' this time. Felt I was standing level for the first time in so long it actually felt odd. Also threw around bags of mulch and raked when I got home. I am absolutely thrilled with this progress."

- P.S., Los Alamos

"This fellow is amazing! Listens to my concerns and addresses them effectively. Really talented."

-D.L., ABQ

"Beautiful relief . . . and knowledge to make the pain disappear! Steve knocked it out of the park! Thank you."

- V.B., Los Alamos

"Thank you very much Inez, for a good experience and informative conversation. Looking forward to seeing you again."

- J.H., Los Alamos

"Steve is excellent. Very knowledgeable."

- Y.Z., ABQ

​​"Doctor Taylor DiMarino helped me with my shoulder pain that was hurting  for years.  I can now raise my arm without pain.  She's amazing."

-J.D., Santa Fe

"Hey! Feeling a definite difference today! Standing straignter, walking faster - things are moving!"

- H.F., Los Alamos

"Steve's work on my hands relieved the pain and increased the mobility in my fingers."

- D.M., ABQ

"My daughter is a gymnast and hurt her back on the beam when she fell at the last meet. Taylor was willing to help her right away and fixed her temporarily until we could get a longer appointment for just her!!! I recommend this establishment for anyone who is having pain."

- J.J., Los Alamos

"Steve addressed every issue we discussed. Awesome therapist."

- R.J., ABQ

"A perfect/hoped-for experience. Here we are a few days later, and a still feel 'free/open/whole/positive' - really overwhelmed that I have made so much progress on my Path to Wellness. Many, many thanks to MSK . . ."

- J.H., Los Alamos

"Steve is the absolute awesome best. I am feeling better every day. I still need more work but I am a work in progress."
- Los Alamos