Prenatal/Postpartum Therapy

Your baby is always welcome during treatments

Allow us to assist in your mothering journey, both prenatal and postpartum, using a combination of manual therapy, functional movement, acupuncture, and education to help provide pain relief and return the body to its balanced state. Through these practices, we can relieve the discomfort often experienced during pregnancy in the joints, back, neck, and more. In order to help recover from both pregnancy and labor and treat the muscular tension in the chest and shoulders from nursing, functional breathing and postural correction will help bring the body back into alignment and balance. We will re-activate and stabilize your reflexive core to expedite healing and strengthen your body by prompting pelvic realignment, muscular rebalancing, such as treating the diastasis recti (which is the separation of the abdominal muscles), and realignment of the uterus. By increasing the function and stability of the pelvic floor, the core, and the diaphragm, they can begin to work together properly. Appointments are typically optimal at approximately six weeks after birth and can also help the body recover from a C-section through scar and muscular care. Additionally, we will teach you to perform infant massage which will significantly increase bonding with your baby.

Mother and Baby
Holding Tummy
Happy Mother with her Child